MontaVista Software is the leader in embedded Linux commercialization. We help you get the most of open source by providing commercial quality Linux and developer tools that significantly reduce the time and effort required to deliver commercial products to market. Combine that with our expert support, hardware enablement, and the resources of the MontaVista community and you can see why there are over 50 million devices in the market today running on MontaVista Linux.

About MontaVista


MontaVista Software was founded in 1999 to bring the Linux operating system to the embedded device market. From the beginning the goal has been to embrace fully Open Source. MontaVista delivered their first commercial Linux for the embedded market in 1999 and hasn't looked back since. Today over 2000 companies trust MontaVista Linux to run their products.

  • 1999 – MontaVista Software founded
  • 1999 – Preemptible Kernel released
  • 2000 – Hard Hat Linux introduced
  • 2002 – First Carrier Grade Edition
  • 2002 – First Pro Edition
  • 2003 – Consumer Electronics Edition
  • 2003 – Power Management
  • 2004 – DevRocket IDE introduced
  • 2005 – Mobilinux Introduced
  • 2007 – 5.x product releases
  • 2008 – NEC reports 6 '9s' availability with MV Carrier Grade Linux
  • 2009 – MontaVista Linux 6 released
  • 2009 – MontaVista achieves 1 second fast boot
  • 2009 – MontaVista celebrates 10 years
  • 2009 – MontaVista acquired by Cavium, Inc.
  • 2010 – MontaVista announces pure Linux Virtualization strategies
  • 2011 – MontaVista achieves 99% bare metal performance on Linux
  • 2012 – Deterministic KVM
  • 2013 – CGE7 for SDN and Cloud, world leading Carrier Grade Linux, 7th generation.
  • 2014 – MontaVista CGE7 support for ARMv8
  • 2015 – Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX) Linux platform for Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, NFV, and Carrier Grade Telecom
  • 2016 – CGE7 and CGX EAL4+ Certification ready

MontaVista Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cavium, Inc. (NASDAQ: CAVM).

MontaVista's open source leadership

Linux is an open source platform. A Linux software provider who is not heavily involved in the open source community can’t meet your needs. Not all companies are committed full-time to Linux. Their main business may be processors or proprietary software, and they only provide Linux to power their other products. MontaVista is committed to supporting Linux and the open source community. We have the Linux expertise you require, and know how to effectively work within the open source community.

No embedded software company has done more to lead the open source community than MontaVista:

  • A consistent top 20 contributor to the mainline Linux kernel for several years in a row
  • Has contributed more lines of source code to the Linux kernel than all other embedded Linux companies combined
  • Active contributor or maintainer of key areas of Linux inside and outside the kernel, plus other kernel trees and communities
  • Member, sponsor, co-founder, director, board member, or chair of more than 20 open source organizations

MontaVista has also spun-off independent open-source projects based on a number of its features, including dynamic power management, high-resolution POSIX timers, the pramfs file system, and the openais implementation of the SA Forum's Application Interface Specification.

We help you get the most out of open source

Embedded Linux is the most-often-selected software platform for developing new devices. MontaVista's mission is to help device designers and embedded application developers get the most out of Linux and other open source software. By doing so, we help you get to market more quickly, create the features you need to be competitive, and significantly reduce your overall project costs. Find out more about our commitment to open source here.

At MontaVista, we enable, maintain, and support your Linux platform so you don’t have to. Our customers focus on core competencies and deliver products faster to the market.