Internet of Things (IoT) Profile

Modular and standards-based solution that delivers connectivity, reliably and security needed for IoT systems.

Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the next wave of the embedded device revolution. From wearables to smart appliances to automobiles, connected devices are being developed today. These devices require a rich set of wired/wireless connectivity options and modular frameworks that can scale rapidly for resource constrained devices with advanced security for data storage and transmission.

MontaVista® CGX IoT profile is designed to deliver feature rich IoT devices, including X11 advanced graphics, JavaVM and Lua Scripting Language.  In addition, MontaVista® Professional service engages with our customers to help meet the connectivity, reliability and security requirements of the connected devices markets such as medical, industrial and automotive.


The network of millions of connected devices throws up an enormous challenge of ensuring that connectivity is supported among the edge devices, the gateway, and the cloud. To this end, MontaVista CGX IoT Profile includes connectivity support for a comprehensive set of wired and wireless protocols including:

  • Ethernet
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)*
  • IEEE 802.15.4*
  • 6LoWPAN*
  • CoAP*
  • MQTT*
  • XMPP*

*Please confirm availability on the platform BSP feature state.

Internet of Things IoT Profile Connectivity


MontaVista Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) enables devices to remain continuously and always in an operational state, making reboot obsolete. With MontaVista CGL, these network devices can run without interruption of their core function, even during situations where the environment is partially compromised.

In the carrier-grade market, network performance and availability is required from all systems. To meet the requirements of telecommunications providers, the operating system must provide high availability and serviceability tools and middleware.

Of course, high availability requirements are not limited to communications, when 99.9999% uptime is becoming a standard requirement of aerospace and defense for mission-critical systems that guard against failure. The need for high availability extends to many enterprise segments to minimize planned downtime and eliminate unplanned downtime.

embedded device revolution


The CGX Security profile supports features like Samhain, ASLR, Tripwire, TPM (x86), TrouSerS, Secure Boot, Mutex W/E Pages.  Because we understand the critical role an operating system plays in fulfilling security requirements for network systems, MontaVista continues to enhance the security of Carrier Grade Linux. CGX includes Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), which supports United States Department of Defense-style mandatory access controls (MAC). MontaVista also uses the following specifications as guides to determine the best technology and practices to include in our CGX platform:

  • Security Technology Implementation Guide (STIG) UNIX version 5.0 r1
  • Common Criteria Operation System Protection Profile (OSPP) version 2.0

Including these specifications makes it significantly easier for MontaVista's customers to certify a full hardware/software product for these profiles and comply with widely accepted security standards.

To support secure processing, the MontaVista CGX Security profile can be customized to enable secure gateway partitions, utilizing an ARM TrustZone® enabled secure world environment. This offers secure boot, applications including certificate management, secure firmware upgrades, and secure data storage.

Security Internet of Things IoT Application Enablement
Security and M2M Application Enablement Platform

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