MontaVista Value

MontaVista Software supplies an embedded commercial Linux product for developers to use in their products.  We take the burden of integrating, testing, enhancing, maintaining, indemnifying, and complying to export regulations away so you can focus on your value added application.  And we do so at 1/3 the cost of a burdened US engineer. 

Embedding Linux in your product has many advantages but does have impact on your software lifecycle:

  • Do you have Open Source expertise in-house to make impactful architectural and design decisions?
  • Who will port a SoC Linux to your custom board or back port advanced technologies like Docker or KVM to your distribution?
  • Who will help you get resolution quickly on technical issues that will arise.  Especially in line down situations.
  • What type of QA testing and infrastructure will you apply to your platform. Where will you generate this robust QA testing content?
  • Are you prepared to integrate fixes and security patches for 10+ years?

Linux may be free to download and has a pervasive community to help make it impactful, but there is cost and effort to make it work and maintainable for your product. MontaVista has the expertise and commercial support to make embedding Linux in your product low risk and cost effective to get to market quickly.

Embedded Linux Leader - MontaVista has been embedding ONLY Linux into things since 1999. Things like carrier grade network infrastructure, mobile phones, printers, automobiles, nuclear power plants, and unmanned aeronautical vehicles. This has allowed us to build an unique Linux expertise that benefits our customers. From helping troubleshoot hard to solve problems, optimizing Linux drivers or Userland packages, integrating advanced or new Linux technology, or supporting other Linux distributions, our customers leverage this expertise on a daily basis.

Since 1999, MontaVista has actively contributed to the Open Source community. MontaVista engineers contribute to Linux, Yocto, Linaro, and other initiatives to help enhance and keep Linux viable for emerging embedded markets.

Commercial Support  - MontaVista provides quarterly updates as part of our product offering. These updates include bug fixes and security patches that we integrate and verify to work (both in fixing the original problem and not introducing new bugs). In addition, we continue to provide updates to our products for at least 10 years as a lot of commercial and government programs need that extended coverage.

MontaVista understands that time to resolution of a problem is critical to your product success. Some of customers are self-sufficient where others have more intricate and time pressing requirements. We offer various levels of technical support to meet your development, launch, and product maintenance needs. We can work to resolve technical issues on your timeframe whether can can backport fixes to older kernel versions. As well, MontaVista can maintain frozen branches and apply fixes to your distribution.

MontaVista has built a world class Professional Services organization that can become an extension to your engineering team. Our team has direct experience in custom Board Support Packages, optimizing kernel and userland, integrating new advanced technologies, assisting with custom configurations, and supporting other Linux (i.e. non MontaVista) distributions.

Certainty - With MontaVista you can be certain we will listen carefully to your requirements and schedule. We have developed a collaborative process with our customers so we identify upfront key features and schedule. As such, our track record is pretty good with most projects completed ahead of schedule. In the end, we offer you a low risk and cost efficient way achieve your requirements.

Reliability – MontaVista prides itself on delivering a high quality Linux distribution on a consistent basis. We have developed an extensive Quality Assurance (QA) process that incorporates automated and manual tests (developed over 1000s of man hours), execution schedules, reporting, hardware board farm, and validation. This ensures the MontaVista Linux you are embedding in your product is of high quality and one less thing to worry about in developing and maintaining your product.

Ecosytem - MontaVista has developed strong relationships with Cavium, Xilinx, Intel (including Altera), Marvell, Broadcom, NXP, and AMD so we can offer timely coverage of their emerging products. With these partners we introduced our Strategic Partnership for Early Enablement and Development (SPEED) program to help reduce development cost and time to market. SPEED is a free trial program to evaluate our CGX product on the newest hardware from these SoC partners.

We understand that our customers need to be up and running quickly and need choice in processor coverage. As such, we support ARM, x86, MIPS, and Power PC architectures and have BSPs for popular SoCs. In addition, MontaVista can develop custom BSPs and continue to perform maintenance on it via our Board Maintenance Program (BMP). MontaVista’s BMP will add the board to our large board farm that will continually be tested through our rigorous manual and automated testing process.

MontaVista is Yocto and more - Yocto is becoming the defacto standard in building embedded Linux platforms. Yocto provides recipes, tools, and mechanisms for organizations to easily create and collaborate on embedded Linux. It has enabled easier to integrate SoC Linux Software Development Kits (SDKs) and fosters community support. And MontaVista like the industry is embracing Yocto and augmenting Linux with what Yocto does not provide:

  • Quality Assuarance
  • FOSS and Export Compliance
  • Advanced Security and Software Maintenance (Bug Fixes/Security Patches)
  • Guaranteed and Timely Technical Support
  • Linux Expertise and Professional Services
  • Linux Long Term Support and Maintenance (10 Years+)
  • Integration of new Technology solution

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