MontaVista DevRocket

Turn you project start into a project launch with DevRocket and MontaVista's completely pre-integrated tool suite.  Don't burn through months hacking together a development environment, when there is one available to get your team productive on day one.

MontaVista provides the essential tools every developer needs to work efficiently, including MontaVista Integrated Platform, MontaVista DevRocket (an Eclipse-based IDE), and a complete cross-development toolchain. This high-quality, pre-integrated development tool suite can be quickly deployed to engineering workstations to generate repeatable results.

MontaVista Integrated Platform

The MontaVista Integration Platform (and included build system) is the centerpiece of the MontaVista software development kit. It allows developers to easily extend and customize their software stack, while maintaining control over the build process. Benefits include:

  • Based on de facto standards and an open source core
  • Always provided as original source plus patches
  • Build and rebuild entire product lines with one tool
  • Structure customizations with collections
  • Build-compatible with thousands of community packages
  • Easily extensible and compatible with automated build
  • Easily upgrade and manage change
  • Complements existing SCM systems

DevRocket Integrated Development Environment

DevRocket delivers a set of tools designed to streamline and automate common embedded Linux development and analysis tasks, helping you deliver products to market faster. Based on standard Eclipse plug-ins, DevRocket significantly increases developer productivity by simplifying complex development tasks. Benefits include:

  • Eclipse-based IDE provides intuitive, integrated, development environment
  • Familiar, standards-based GUI shortens learning curve
  • Single development environment, no switching between applications
  • Platform Development provides complete control and customizability
  • Application Development enables rapid applications deployment
  • Supports broad set of target processors
  • Complete cross-toolchain including compilers, debuggers, and run-time libraries
  • Graphical analysis tools for memory and performance analysis
  • "One-click" automation streamlines the edit/compile/debug cycle
  • Library of over 200 application and utility software packages support a broad range of application and development tasks

Edition Management

DevRocket is available for all active MontaVista subscribers and supports toolchains (i.e. compiler, debuggers, etc.) from previous MontaVista Linux versions and editions. Edition Management provides the capability to browse for existing MontaVista Linux installations and discovers which edition/version is installed and which toolchains and Linux Support Packages (LSPs) are available.

Target Management

DevRocket utilizes the open source Eclipse target management project called Remote Systems Explorer (RSE). MontaVista created and contributed back to the community an SSH implementation for RSE. It allows target management on any MontaVista Linux target using the industry standard SSH protocol to support a wide range of target services, including file and process management, remote terminal/shell, and fully automated debugging and analysis.

Fully Automated Edit/Compile/Debug

DevRocket delivers a streamlined and fully automated edit/compile/debug cycle, eliminating the many manual steps involved in building binaries, copying them to a target, launching the debug sever, and connecting back to the host. Developers can easily support multiple MontaVista Linux editions and versions with automated target delivery setup and debug capabilities. Dynamically switch between discovered toolchains and targets to ease porting and support for multiple CPU architectures.

Advanced Analysis

DevRocket delivers intuitive, interactive, and accessible interfaces to configure, manage, execute, and present results from best-of-breed FOSS Linux analysis tools such as memtraq, OProfile, LTTng, and memory utilization information from the /proc filesystem. Massive productivity gains can be realized when solving common analysis questions such as:

  • How is my system using available memory and how much?
  • Where are my system and application performance bottlenecks?
  • What is the source of my memory leak?
  • Which events lead to undesirable system states?

MontaVista Integrated Platform

MVIP integrates BitBake and supports the common recipe file formats used throughout the open source community. In addition to providing access to an active community of developers of open source embedded software, MontaVista Integrated Platform enables systems developers to fetch and integrate code from other team members, outside vendors, or the open source community itself.

The MontaVista Integration Platform (MVIP) provides the utilities used to:

- Create a project for a specific distribution
- Download and update software content from the MontaVista Zone Content Server
- Configure and build a project

DevRocket Integrated Development Environment

MontaVista DevRocket provides a set of tools designed to streamline and automate common embedded Linux development and analysis tasks. DevRocket is based on the Eclipse project and is delivered as a set of Eclipse plug-ins that increase developer productivity by simplifying the complex tasks of embedded Linux development. DevRocket plug-ins can work within standard Eclipse-based platforms based on the Ganymede release or with the bundled Eclipse run-time delivered.

DevRocket supports the MontaVista Integration Platform with features such as:

  • Memory usage analysis
  • Memory leak detection
  • System profiling
  • Industry-standard debugging tools

Complete Development Toolchain

Use command line or Eclipse-based MontaVista DevRocket and get a completely integrated set of tools including C/C++ compilers, run-time libraries, and a source-level and assembly-level debugger – all optimized to compile for specific target hardware. And since it's built on open-source technology, the MontaVista Integration Platform supports the common recipe file formats used throughout the open source community.

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