Ideal for optimized and targeted applications, MontaVista CGE7 enables next-generation networks (NGNs) to handle the explosive increase in mobile traffic driven by the growth in video-rich content and applications. CGE7 meets the demands of the telco cloud, providing application portability, dynamic configuration, virtualized functions, and real-time virtual machine performance in a single platform.

Independent studies show MontaVista's products and services help companies develop more competitive products,
with greater functionality and features in less time.

Design Outcomes

Release Products Faster

Release Products Faster – CGE7's multi-architecture virtualization capability provides forward porting from your legacy OS, which allows you to update existing products more quickly. And MontaVista's world-class professional services and support teams can offer valuable assistance to help you commercialize a new product idea.

Lower TCO

Lower TCO – Cut your total cost of ownership with a fully supported, standardized Linux platform. The "make vs. buy" decision has been resolved: it simply makes no sense for OEMs to build an operating system when you can acquire CGE7 and eliminate concerns about: reliability, security, upgrades, or patches, and focus on your value-added expertise.

Compete Vigorously

Compete Vigorously – Migrate your application to new, faster, cheaper silicon in record time for maximum competitive advantage. With CGE7, you can move complex applications to the fastest and most efficient silicon – improving price/packet/watt performance and gain competitive advantages.

Semi Linux, The Other Guys, CGE7

Architecture Support

CGE7 is currently the only carrier-grade Linux distribution to include support for ARMv8, x86, and MIPS64, providing manufacturers of embedded devices with greater flexibility in product design.

Architecture Support


CGE7's multi-architecture virtualization enables dynamic, cloud-based networks, enhances security and uptime availability, and provides application portability, dynamic configuration, field maintenance, and real-time performance in a single platform.

CGE7 - Network Abstraction Platform

Serviceability and High Availability

MontaVista CGE7 enables devices to remain continuously and always in an operational state, making reboot obsolete. With CGE7, these network devices can run without interruption of their core function, even during situations where the environment is partially compromised.

Serviceability and High Availability


The MontaVista team receives immediate notification of all security fixes for the Linux distribution and provides rapid updates of new security fixes to the CGE7 platform. To improve uptime, CGE7 also includes live kernel patching.

# of Vulnerabilities

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