MontaVista Carrier Grade Express (CGX)

MontaVista® Linux® Carrier Grade eXpress (CGX), delivers Carrier Grade reliability, security, and serviceability that is highly configurable, flexible, and of consistent high quality. CGX meets the demands of the interconnected intelligent devices, providing application portability, dynamic configuration, field maintenance, and real-time performance in a single platform.

CGX will address a very large embedded device segment including networking and communications, instrumentation and control, aerospace and defense, SOHO devices, medical electronics and the "Internet of Things (IoT)" markets.

Virtualized Mobile Core


Rapid Deployment

Commercial – Developers can leverage MontaVista ® CGX rich productivity tools, intensive testing and bug fixes to deliver proven quality for commercial products.  Consistent updates, training, technical support, custom engineering, along with access to GPL legal expertise , and export compliance make CGX a full featured platform solution

Higher Quality of Service

Agile – MontaVista® CGX enables rapid development using QEMU simulator,  flexible Import Custom packages, Real-time, Power Management,  Memory Footprint Optimizations, and Deep Connectivity

Customize with Confidence

Reliable – MontaVista® CGX offers “Carrier Grade” quality enhancements of “High Availability”, “Security”, “Rich Networking and IO support”, “Real-Time response time with high throughput” and “Multicore & Virtualization support”

Improved Consolidation of Equipment

Rapid Release – MontaVista® CGX will follow rapid release cadence to better align with latest  Yocto® releases, enabling adoption of newer Long Term Support (LTS) Kernels and Tool-chains

Improved Consolidation of Equipment

Profiles – Packaged as a base platform (CGX Foundation) along with additional technology profiles such as Carrier Grade and Virtualization for solutions in these vertical markets.


  • Faster Time-To-Development - MontaVista Linux CGX offers a complete embedded Linux distribution and tools to get up and running sooner. Using the de-facto standard open source build system, leverage existing work and move to MontaVista Linux CGX with the assurance of feature compatibility and a clear migration path.

  • Increased Flexibility in Integration and Customization - With unprecedented flexibility in a commercial solution, fetch and integrate code from other team members, internal company teams and outside vendors and more easily customize software, including kernel, device drivers, libraries and applications.

  • Complete Development Toolkit - Use command line or Eclipse-based MontaVista DevRocket and get a completely integrated set of tools including C/C++ compilers, run-time libraries, and a source- and assembly-level debugger—all optimized for specific hardware.

  • Market Enabler - CGX is packaged as a layered configuration of profiles with a base product “CGX Foundation” along with feature rich combination  for “Carrier Grade Linux “  and “Virtualization” support to meet the MSD applicability and customer use case for a general embedded, Carrier network appliance and/or a IoT gateway design.

CGE7 Datasheet